Other Services

Full-service septic service work ranging from pumps and filters to dirt work

Service Work

There are times when pumping isn’t the only maintenance your system needs.  Perhaps a component has failed or you’re tired of digging up the covers to your tank.    We are equipped to handle just about everything short of replacing an entire system.  If you have a question about a potential repair issue please feel free to call or email and we will discuss a proper course of action.  ​​


Risers provide access to your septic tank at or near ground level.  This removes the need to dig up your septic tank for servicing.  These come in especially handy if you’re having a septic emergency as these lids allow immediate access to your tank.  It is currently code for new tanks to have access with in 12″ of the surface.  If an effluent filter is installed it requires its own riser over the outlet access lid.  We suggest installing risers over pump chambers as well to provide access for repair.

Effluent or Solids Handling Pumps

Do you have a bathroom in the basement that pumps up to your septic tank?  Does your septic tank pump up hill to your leach field?  The pumps and components that work with your pump will wear out over time.  If your pump quits, there is potential for a large mess if not handled in a timely manner.  We are able to perform the repair the same day you call or at least get you out of trouble until the next day.  We will diagnose the issue and replace or repair the necessary component.

Alarms for Pump chambers

​​Alarms are your last line of defense when it comes to pump failure or filter clogging.  By placing an alarm in your pump chamber it will alert to you a possible issue that requires attention.  The filter alarm will alert you when the level in the septic tank is higher than normal due to the filter being potentially clogged and in need of cleaning.

Effluent Filters

Effluent filters add a layer of protection between your septic tank and leach field.  The filter blocks larger particles of waste from exiting the tank.  There are certain companies with proprietary systems that recommend against using effluent filters due to airflow restrictions.  Some system designs call for them to be installed when the system is new.  We recommend against removing them even if they become a nuisance.

​Line Clearing and Deicing

Grease, soap, toilet paper, ice and physical defects can cause lines to plug between the tank and house.  It can be as simple as running a snake from the tank to the house.  If the blockage is aggressive enough we can jet the line with high pressure water. 

Dirt Work​

We also provide service for more involved repair work such as pipe repair/replacement, tank replacement, and distribution box replacement.  We will basically repair everything right up to the leach field.