Portable Toilets

Diverse portable toilet solutions ranging from size and rental period

We pride ourselves in offering clean and well maintained portable toilets.  We are able to keep our units in good condition by offering them for private, light public/commercial, and light construction.  We offer rental terms ranging from single weekday to monthly. 

Portable toilets tend to have a bad reputation for being dirty and unpleasant to use.  We hope that by renting one of our units you will see that this doesn’t have to be the case.  Our units are cleaned top to bottom before each delivery and we only use premium products and chemicals when servicing each unit.

Have a special or odd request?  Don’t hesitate to ask, we do our best to cater to each and every client.  

Basic Units

These units are what most people are used to seeing.  They contain a toilet, urinal, and hand sanitizer.  These come in assorted colors and shapes/brands.

Flushable Fleet Unit

These units are the same shape and size of the standard Fleet units with the addition of a flushing toilet and working sink.  Both are activated by using a foot pump on the floor.

Larger Fleet Model

These units offer a slightly larger interior than the basic units.  They have a more modern look which may be more appealing for events.  They still have the basic features while adding a small mirror on the door and a shelf in the upper corner (Not shown in picture). 

Wheelchair Accessible Unit

​These units sit flush with the ground and are designed to be wheelchair accessible.  These units contain a smaller toilet and hand sanitizer.  There is no urinal in this unit.  Due to the smaller size of the waste tank this unit should be augmented with a standard unit when necessary.

Additional Options

We also have a stand alone sink and two different size tents.  The sink has a large fresh water reserve and can be used from two sides.  The tents are white and come in 10×10 and 10×20 sizes.  Some people like to cover the portable toilets to offer modesty to the users and to dress up the area around the units.